Public 《Love Live! 学园偶像祭》官方网站-学园偶像音乐手游 v7.1 3 [MOD]


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Name: Love Live! School Idol Festival | Simplifed Chinese
Version: 7.1 3
Root: No

Mod features:
Auto Play Perfect and Great

Install Steps:
uninstall original game
and install the mod game

To be honest, I haven't tested this mod, is it successful / not, and I see that the entire file has also been successfully embedded there, but if it works please send me feedback.

I wanted to test it but I was confused about creating an account there

Credits: to Ak0ztik for Note.lua
Playstore Link: 《Love Live! 学园偶像祭》官方网站-学园偶像音乐手游

Download Link:
Download Mirror: LLSIF CN – Google Drive
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