Outdated 梦幻神武2 (Private server) V0.0.19


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Name: 梦幻神武2
Version: 0.0.19
Root: No

◆ ◆ recharge before contact customer service confirmation account, so as not to cause can not rebate!
Tip: the game recharge rebate, please contact customer service QQ: 1615893318; (the day charge over 100 yuan, began rebate; recharge the day contact customer service application, overdue not to deal with)
1, on the line to send vip6,6888 ingot, 9999 silver two, 388888 coins.
2, recharge the ratio of 1: 200, each file first charge 2 times; each session of the charge to send 50% ingot, each session continued to charge unlimited number of times! (Each stall for each stall for the second recharge for the continued charge, 50% of the bonus game automatically arrived in the account)
3, novice reward send Hao Li! Daily registration reward 3000 ingot;
4, the daily sign to get millions of coins, silver two, treasure map, senior drugs; vip players double to receive rewards!
5, online access to a large number of coins, double experience Dan, refining equipment, materials, treasure and other large items;
6, leveling to send gifts, send ingot, soul stone, coins, flat peach, refining equipment and materials. Quickly and small partners to leveling it!
7, every Monday to Sunday morning 11: 00-21: 00 a lot of welfare tasks, and small partner team harvest full of a basket of benefits!
8, weekly discount as low as 1 fold;
★ value on the card
Buy monthly card immediately received 15000 ingot, 3000vip value, receive 3,000 yuan a day treasure;
★ open service 3 days rush activities welfare: (players screenshots apply, only apply for the day, overdue not to be issued.)
Open service 3 days rush activities welfare: (reward only the day to find customer service application award, overtime not to give, please know!)
Day 1: Ranking (17 points on the next day)
Rank Ranking Rank 1 Bonus * 54800 8 Ultimate Fragment
Ranking Rank 2-3 Award Bonus * 19400 4 ultimate pieces of debris
Ranking Rank 4-10 Rewards Goldman Sachs * 9888 2 Ultimate Fragment Fragments
The next day: equipment ranking (cut off the next day 17 points)
Equipment Ranking Rank 1 Bonus * 54800 8 Ultimate Fragment
Equipment ranked No. 2-3 reward ingot * 19400 4 ultimate pieces of debris
Equipment ranked No. 4-10 reward ingot * 9888 2 ultimate residual pieces of debris
Day 3: gang rank (as of 17:00)
Gangs ranked first prize ingot * 19400,5 places to help the main application to receive eight ultimate pieces of debris
Gangs ranked second prize ingot * 19400, three places to help the main body to receive four ultimate pieces of debris
Gangs ranked third prize ingot * 19400, 2 places to help the main application to reward the two ultimate pieces of debris
Apply for the award to the account, district service, role ID, nickname, ranking screenshots to the customer service award, reward in the form of mail!

Install Steps:
1.) Download and install

Credits To: ?
Playstore Link:
menghuanshenwu1_0.0.19-MY.apk - 266.5 MB
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