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Mod Menu:
1.) Damage x1 - Unlimited
2.) Defense x1 - Unlimited

Emulator Support: YES
Root Required: NO
x64 Required: YES

Latest Modded Version: 1.75.2
Playstore Link: 그랜드체이스 - Apps on Google Play
VIP Download:그랜드체이스-grand-chase-kr.911/

■ Community of Grand Chase Heroes
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■ Game Introduction

1. The end of the waiting, the adventure beyond the dimension begins!
- He shared the joys and sorrows with the heroes.
Connecting the worldview of the original Grand Chase
More engaging characters and stories

2. Action masterpiece, born as mobile!
- Dynamic action pleasure spread at your fingertips
- 5 classes of heroes and 10 party skills
Exciting play using powerful and colorful special moves!
- Exciting victory with hidden/ban pick function of PVP

3. We're going to do our best together again!
- Guild's warm home 'Guildrobbie'
- 'Guild Boss' that enhances the unity of guild members
- 30vs30, 'Guild War' with up to 60 players
- Real-time 2-player cooperative 'Dual Raid'

4. Full of affection, I want to own it!
- New charm of Grand Chase heroes ‘Avatar’
- A 'custom shop' where you can show off your individuality
- On the way to adventure, a reliable and lovely 'pet' next to the hero

- To login with google you must be rooted
- If you're VIP go to VIP Section to download

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Note: Video is based on the current version of the day this was posted on. Video won't be updated unless there are any major changes to the mod.

The above video showcases our VIP mod

Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases? Click the link below.

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