Exclusive 글로리 v1.0.77 [Choosable Gold Drop Multiplier - On - Off]


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Mar 11, 2016

Name: 글로리
Version: 1.0.77
Root: NO

  • Choosable Gold Drop Multiplier - Line 1 - Value btw 0 - 100
  • On - Off - Line 2 - true = on & false = off
Download from YourMod.Cloud - [ARTEAM]com.ulugames.honors.google_v1.0.77_MOD.apk - YourMod.Cloud

Download config - Mods with External Configuration - YourMod.Cloud

You want to SKIP the endless DATA downloads ? Unzip this to /Android/OBB/
Download from YourMod.Cloud - [OBB_FILE_v1.0.77]com.ulugames.honors.google.zip - YourMod.Cloud

  • GOLD drop will start working ONLY after Lvl85 Main Quest(more or less)
  • Good Connection and low delay > can use even x50+ multiplier
  • Bad Connection or too much delay use lower multiplier
  • x100+ will make id DC !
  • turn it off (Line 2) in dungeons ! or you will get DC !
Install Steps:
If you have my old mod installed skip to step 3
  • Link your account to any social (simply backup your account)
  • Uninstall your current version
  • Download & Install the MOD
  • Download MOD APK and INSTALL like always
  • Download xxx.txt configuration file provided by me
  • Now open any file explorer app and make a new folder named ARTEAM
-- Exact location is the SDCARD or PHONE MEMORY, the one where you see
-- folders like ANDROID, DOWNLOADS, MUSIC etc...
-- this folder will be used for all my releases so other configs should be placed here too
- Paste the TXT you downloaded in that folder and now you can play the MOD

- Open the txt file inside ARTEAM folder and simply change the values inside

Credits: iAlex - EMT
YouTube: YouTube
Twitter: ARoG (@ARoG_YT) | Twitter
Facebook: ARoG - Android Republic of Gamers

Playstore Link: 글로리 - Apps on Google Play

YouTube Preview
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Dec 4, 2016
I can check gold drop multiplier. but can not pick gold droped on land. even go around surround gold ( purple color )

I can pick gold to go around in original version without pet dragon ( auto pick ) / now Lv. 166
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The Secsi Thinker!
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Mar 11, 2016
MOD Updated!
Features updated with ON OFF switch for Dunegons !
Please recheck first post and read it & download latest config for MOD