Exclusive 아틀란티카 히어로즈 - Atlantica Heroes (Oh Rose) v.2.0.10 [god mode, dmg]


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Name: 아틀란티카 히어로즈
Alias: Atlantica Heroes (Oh Rose)
Version: 2.0.10
Root: Yes

1.) god mode
2.) boosted dmg

Install Steps:
1.) install modded apk
2.) enjoy

Game is in Korean. Graphics fairly nice and you'd wish for English version when you play.

Need to login to Google+ or FB? Check sticky on this: Important - How to login with Google+ & Facebook on Modded Games (Root)

Credits To: BTG (EMT)
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
Original APK: apkpure
Like EMT: facebook || youtube
Download unsigned:
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You can keep waiting...game is Korean based, highly unlikely they release English version
Thanks BTG. Tested,god mode only work on adventure mod,not work on weekly boss. But for boosted damage,i didnt find any boosted damage even in adventure mod..can you check this please..?
yeah, i just noticed that too. god mode and dmg mod should not work on boss fight, they run this on server. i'll check on damage later. thx
can't update, apkpure still version .22
later i'll check but if you notice first that it's been updated on apkpure, post here. time to review whatever happened to dmg. thx
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Here it is, thx bro


  • AtlanticaHeroesOhRose_v1.4.23.apk
    45.2 MB · Views: 84
Thx.Will update tonight
updated to 1.4.23. help me test dmg cause i can't test. thx
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