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Apr 2, 2014
Happy Holidays to the entire AR community!

It's the time of year again where we have these somewhat competitive contest. Thank you everyone who participated in the last contest. We know not everyone celebrates the holidays this time of year so there will be an alternative way of entering the contest. Remember follow the contest rules and requirements!

- Only post if you're submitting an image you took, was taken from somebody for you or created by you, anything else will be irrelevant and be deleted.
- One post PER member.
- Keep images family friendly, nothing sexual/violent.
- If you are caught using fake pictures you will be disqualified.

Requirements (Choose ONE):
- *An image of your Christmas tree with a sign next to it saying "Team AR".
- *An image of present(s) with a sign next to it saying "Team AR".
- *An image of holiday decoration/ornaments with a sign saying "Team AR".
- Draw a Holiday or New Year related photo signed with your forum name. (Examples: Santa Clause, Christmas Tree, Android Christmas, Christmas Presents, Hanukkah, New Years Fireworks, New Year countdown. Be creative!!!)

Note: If requirement has an asterisk(*) a physical sign is required.
Example: One of last years winners: HERE

Winners will be picked on December 29, 2017.

There may be 1 winner, or there could be 10!

Happy Holidays!

Team AR.
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Ora Buzbee

Nov 29, 2016
The spirit of the holidays are well spent with the people you care about; may it be blood, acquaintances or online friends. I wish you all the best Christmas!

2016 Thanksgiving Winnner
2016 Christmas Winner

It’s been a year I updated my winning pic last year with my 1yr old ;-)
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