Outdated 8 Ball Pool - VER. 3.12.4


Jun 14, 2017

Name: 8 Ball Pool
Version: 3.12.4
Root: Yes/No

1.) Extended Stick Guideline

Install Steps:
1.) Download and install apk

Playstore Link: Google Playstore
Mirror: Here


New User
Aug 29, 2016
Apk works fine,i was able to log in with miniclip account(even in game shows no fb login for bonus 5$ its the same,cuz i created my miniclip account with fb and after i set a password for it,and i have all fb friends in my list now)


New User
Aug 29, 2016
I just recive a message,sounds like this : "We detected you use a third party....to transfer money between accounts...please stop using or you could be baned ...." and took all my money from my account :)))...no big deal i had only 2k,cuz i was testing this apk...i think needs an update or something.
Still i think its good if wanna double/triple your money,if had some just play 2-3 games with high bet,win and after quit,dont abuse the apk to not lose your money.
Ftm i l go stay on gameroon to play in my pc,the guidlinee i have there is still undetected cuz its more hard for the game to detect what modiffies i do in my pc :)
have fun!,i hope my rewiev to help you guys!