Giveaway [ Account Dump Lotto ] 1 Month VIP + Nutaku & other mobile accounts lotto

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Apr 26, 2018
Notice: Winner will now be given in an hour as I enlist all the names who have participated in a raffle!


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Apr 26, 2018
The Grand Winner has finally been chosen from a list out of 214 people! By using an RNG or a name randomizer as basis to pick the winner and by rolling 4 times as a fair

Congratulations @Celestialeun

You have won this year's giveaway via a raffle draw and has the right to earn all the prizes!
PM me right away here in AR for information of how to get all your prizes and discussion about the VIP!

Failure to message me inside 48 hours will consider a redraw!


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Apr 19, 2019
( I suck creating threads so below is a rainbow of words lol )

Starting from now, I'll be giving away mountain of Nutaku and random accounts in lotto style every day, week, month or year exclusive for Android Republic !

Current Accounts:
  • 1 Month Android Republic VIP ( The money that will be used will come from my very own wallet. No person or staff is affiliated with this prize. )
  • 121 Nutaku accounts
  • 1 Skullgirls account
  • 1 High Level Azur Lane account
  • 1 Unlimited Premium+ subscription Crunchyroll account
  • 1 Nord VPN account ( Last updated as of March 26, 2019 )
Last Draw Results:
3671 - 7779 - 3615 -1834 -1351
Next Draw Results: March 31, 8 - 10:30 PM ( Tokyo Time GMT+9 )

Lately, I've been into modding and Bruteforcing combos alot.
Due to that, I started to create configs for Android games such as Nutaku and COM2US accounts that is required for bruteforcers.
So basically these are "hacked" accounts but who knows what will happen ╮( ̄ω ̄ )╭

- A single person will win and get lucky to get ALL accounts given ONLY if that person matched the resulting number with his given number!

  • If no one for the week has matched the resulting number or wins, the accounts will get more added for the following week until for the next draw!
  • Everyone in AR can participate with no account limitations!
Guess a number ranging from 1-8000 below this thread!

Normal AR Members can only give up to maximum of 2 numbers!
VIP AR Members can only give up to maximum of 3 numbers!

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( UID and Name will be censored for security reasons )[Attachment removed from Quotes]
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[Attachment removed from Quotes]

Note: Some Nutaku accounts that have good stats on games fetch some good money if you sell it properly, you can also trade it to other accounts. Feel free to do anything about it.

[ Will do Com2us accounts soon! ]
21!!!!!!!! (this just a joke, odds of this of me not winning are infinity out of infinity)
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