Exclusive Action Taimanin Global ver- 2.4.18

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Sep 2, 2015
Please bare with me im stuck on another update will try and push mod update tonight sorry for delays
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Jul 4, 2017
@stelau4 This is greit mod but since everythings enabled I can't use this mod since there are some stages that ask you to get 30 Combo, so maybe if possible you could add mode menu for collecting 30 combo or maybe make 1 hit=10 combo.


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Jan 3, 2016
So here's what I did. I'm getting a black screen after deleting the app and reinstalling the app. It's not working for me. I'm using Note20Ultra. Not sure if that's the issue.

I installed the playstore version.
Played till I finished the tutorial.
Deleted the game.
Moved the mod obb into the file it should go into.
Deleted the original obb.
Renamed the mod obb to what it should be.
Installed the mod apk.
Forever black screen.