Angry Birds Match mod moves+coins


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Aug 22, 2017

Game:Angry Birds Match
Version: 1.1.1
Playstore: Angry Birds Match - Android Apps on Google Play
Root : Yes
Using GameGuardian cheat engine

Check the video here ab match coins+moves - Streamable or here ab match coins moves
Steps are: Open ab match game and gameguardian, start a new level
Then search for the dword value of moves for example number 20 in video, make a move and refine for 19, make move then refine for 18, make a move and you have the move value dword so change that to whatever you want!
Your moves has been Modded so you will never lose PLUS when you finish the level the remaining moves will be converted in coins so you gonna have a lot of coins when you finish the level!

If you share my video dont forget to give me credits please.