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Hey folks,

I've been working on an overhaul of Il2CppInspector for the last few months and I feel like it's now at a place where I'm ready to share it!

I believe this new build has the most accurate, comprehensive and customizable output and the most robust file format and architecture support of any currently available tooling for IL2CPP, with a few exceptions.

This is currently the only available tool which can process PE (Windows/UWP) files with newer IL2CPP versions correctly, produce correct C# code syntax in the majority of cases, generate .sln and .csproj files, deal with scope resolution, split and sort the type file layout, exclude namespaces, deal with all open and closed generic type and method definitions, instantiations and references and handle basic obfuscation. It is also the only tool that can output not just type and method names in an IDA script but full .NET method signatures, generic method instantiations, the names of the custom attributes defined by custom attribute generator functions, the type signatures for Method.Invoke thunks and initial annotation for the IL2CPP metadata itself.

For coders, the core library is re-usable in your own projects and exposes the IL2CPP application as a type model using APIs very similar to .NET Reflection, so you can drill down for the information you want programmatically. This also means you can create new outputs much more easily as all the information about each type and member is readily available in properties.

There is a command-line tool for Windows, MacOS X and Linux, and a Windows GUI available.

Every build is tested against just over 50 IL2CPP applications, but this is a brand new release so there will be bugs! I'd love to hear any (constructive) feedback. If there are bugs, please open an issue on GitHub after checking that your binary is not using some heavy packing or obfuscation.

You can get the tool here: djkaty/Il2CppInspector

I admit I am new around here - I usually just lurk in the shadows with my projects - but my friend recommended AR to me so I hope I've come to the right place :)

Have fun! - Katy :)

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