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Jul 30, 2019

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Name: Azur Lane EN - アズールレーン JP - 벽람항로 KR - 碧藍航線 TW - 碧蓝航线 CN

Playstore Link:
EN: Azur Lane - Apps on Google Play
JP: アズールレーン - Apps on Google Play
KR: 벽람항로 - Apps on Google Play
TW: 碧藍航線 - Apps on Google Play
CN: 《碧蓝航线》-战舰拟人即时海战手游

Azur Lane EN

Azur Lane JP ( Stopped )
Azur Lane KR
Azur Lane TW
Azur Lane CN

Check my links for update, sometime im lazy to edit the post lmao

(SCRIPTS - LIB PATCHED - APK SIGNED FOR FREE!!! NOT FOR SALE!!!) moritaka & admins team

No Skins:
P/S: CN current version just use mod scripts32 for all devices.
CN lib Patched made by Admin n0k0m3
Requirements: Rooted Devices
Install Steps:
1) Download the lib file that you want to use.
2) Download file explorer manager app (have root manager): like Root Explorer, ES File Manager, MiXplorer,...
3) Open file manager app and grant root for app.
4) Copy and paste the downloaded lib patched inside:
armeabi-v7a: root / data / app / com.bilibili.azurlane / lib / arm
x86: root / data / app / com.bilibili.azurlane / lib / x86
5) Download mod scripts, rename and copy to scripts folder and enjoy AL. (remember backup original scripts)
Emulators uses x86
Android uses armeabi-v7a
CN APK Signed made by
Requirements: Non-root Devices
Install Steps:
1) Uninstall the current version.
2) Download APK Signed and install.

3) Download mod scripts, rename and copy to scripts folder and enjoy AL. (remember backup original scripts)

Original scripts

Mod features:


Credits: Admin Hakuryuu

Rewrite base on k0np4ku new Autopatcher and Admin n0k0m3 script
New Content:
- Config it in Skin.ini.
- Write a "+' before skin you need and "-" to another skin if ship has more than one skin.
+EasyMode - now you can turn it on or off in Configuration.ini
- Hard mode now you don't need to fill all require ship, just one mainship and one vanguard
- Hard mode now don't require level or FP or TRP or... means you can bring 2 lv1 ship to any hard map
+Warning: EasyMode and Skins content doesn't tested yet so if you get banned or something, we don't take any réponsibility.
About Skin Update:

+New patcher now Automatic Update, put your script to execute file and it will update to Skin.ini, just open it and edit by yourself. Then patch your script one more times.

Install Steps:

1) Download the scripts32/64 that you want to use
P/S: Emulators uses arm-v7a (32), x86. Old Android pre 2015 uses arm-v7a (32). New Anrdroid from 2015 onward uses arm64-v8a (snap 808+,610+,410+).
2) Rename the original scripts32/64 file to anything that is not "scripts32/64"
3) Rename the downloaded scripts to "scripts32/64"
4) Navigate to
EN: Android/data/com.YoStarEN.Azurlane/files/AssetBundles
JP: Android/data/com.YoStarJP.Azurlane/files/AssetBundles
KR: Android/data/kr.txwy.and.blhx/files/AssetBundles
TW: Android/data/
CN: Android/data/com.bilibili.azurlane/files/AssetBundles
5) Copy the downloaded scripts inside
The load screen loops even if you use a script that does not match the version you are using



New group:

Hey bros, we will back to discord lul

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