Outdated バトルガール ハイスクール (Battle Girl High School) v1.2.19 (JP) ( Mega Mod )

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Name of game: Battle Girl High School
Version: 1.2.19
Root: No

Custom Menu includes :

1 - God Mod
2 - Damage
3 - SP
4 - Movement Speed x 2
5 - Fever
6 - Combo
7 - Auto Play Always Enabled ( Pre-Modded )
8 - Max Bullets

Install Steps:
- Install the mod
- Enjoy

Credits: Icry4u - EMT
Playstore Link: Battle Girl High School
Download Link: BGHS_1.2.19_TeamAR.apk
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Glad that i can help ... i may add other features but i don't speak japanese makes it hard xD
if you could pm me with the name of things that could be modified i'll appreciate it

I can try translate a bit only. I never mods a game before. So, maybe i just can help by translate the name of things that could be modified like (Training exp&love / gift points). Can you separate the mods? Like mods 1 massive attack/ mods 2 godmode and inf sp/ mods 3 super speed / mods 4 all of them. Some people got their opinion to play what mods :) and maybe risk to get ban if i use all of them. Thats why i just need massive attack. I thought it would be on/off that's why i ask godmode xD
Do i just install the apk and the hack is already implemented inside? thx
I wish you could revive this type of mod thanks in advance :)

No Damage Taken

This mod works after you successfully do a skill after combo. Just do a consecutive combo till skill appear, or get knocked back once by a monster and the rest of the game you will never get hurt.
If someone can give me an account to test the mod in further stages please pm me

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