Exclusive Battle of heroes ver-10.70.91

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Sep 2, 2015

Name: Battle of Heroes
Version: 10.70.91
Root: No

Mod Menu
whats included:
1. x100 Attack

2. x100 Health
3. x10 Attack speed
4. x5 Move speed
5. x50 skill damage
6. x50 defence

Note1: How to get menu at login screen easy click back button On device or emu ie bluestcks nox or memu.

Note2: At login screen you must activate and de-activate mods you want to use sorry about this issue will try to resolve over time.
Note3: Must equip item to gain these changes........ Also might to complete tutorial in game before using mod.

Install Steps:
1. Download Modded apk
. Install and enjoy

Credits: stelau4 (TeamAR)
Playstore Link: Link is Broken
Download Link: Battle-Of-Heroes.apk
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May 1, 2016
If im not mistaken this is a remake of soul seeker which is in vip =) they sold core game finally lmao.