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1.) Attack Speed x3
2.) Move Speed x3
3.) God Mode

Emulator Support: NO
Root Required: NO
x64 Required: NO

Latest Modded Version: 3.10.54
Playstore Link: 黒い砂漠 MOBILE - Apps on Google Play
VIP Download:黒い砂漠-mobile.883/

▶ Black Desert MOBILE ◀
The adventure you really wanted is here!
Next-generation RPG beyond imagination!

▶ Game introduction ◀
A blockbuster loved in 150 countries!
Experience the excitement of the Black Desert on mobile.

■ Intense action and exhilarating batter!
Unique characters and splendid action skills.
An overwhelming feeling of hitting beyond the boundaries of mobile.
You can experience the tense battle only in Black Desert Mobile.

■ The strongest mobile graphics
A number of sophisticated, high-level graphics that are close to live-action!
Enjoy beautiful backgrounds and characters on your mobile.

■ Surprisingly delicate character makeup system
You can make elaborate and free characters with simple operations!
With an overwhelming character makeup system that goes beyond the boundaries of mobile
You can create your own original character.

■ Abundant content that excites the adventure
Rich life content and territory system such as fishing and animal capture
Pets and vehicle systems that are indispensable for adventure
Let's enjoy the adventure even more with various contents.

[Black Desert MOBILE Official Forum Page]
You can check the latest information about Black Desert MOBILE.
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

▶ Information on access rights ◀
To provide the following services when using this application,
We ask for access rights.

[Selective access authority]
Storage: Access storage for forum posts and photo uploads.

[How to deny access]
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Select Settings> Apps> Permissions> Permission Items> Access Permission Allow or Deny
▶ Android 6.0 and below: Update the operation system to deny access rights or delete apps
* The app may not provide the individual consent function, so you can deny the access right by the above method.
* When using a version less than Android 6.0, select access authority is individually set.
Since it cannot be set, we recommend updating to 6.0 or higher.

If you deny the required access rights, you may be unable to interrupt the resource download or connect to the game.
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

- To login with google you must be rooted
- If you're VIP go to VIP Section to download
- High risk ban rate, use cautiously

Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases?
---------->BUY VIP<----------
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