Bot-It Emulator Project Pre Test V0.3 + GUI , 12mb , Portable


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Dec 10, 2014
Bot-it Emulator V0.3


Batter System image from google with much more stable game runs. (google Rep)

New emulator downloader from google Rep.

32Bit/64Bit support Normal qemu added.
you can run emu on Old SDL if yu remove -no-window from the .bat and save.

Start button will call Auto-mirror gui and close after open a emulator.

small naming Error fix in size.

we gonna demo it on raid with botit and then we gonna add SU with Xpose. running the open source Redroid will grab any Emulation Security check and will return real phone values. this will unlock any boot/after play kick from games under "emulator/3rd app detected"

New total size is now 12mb. it will ask to download and extract alone what it need to run

Download: Emulator

Goal of the project:

Allow user to run with simple gui any android emulator.

All system images are stock from google servers. (will be added options in gui)

Gui will allow user Pick: CPU / RAM / SD size / and much more

Gui will be connected to "Auto mirror" gui with "Auto grab emulator after emulator up"

Auto detect User made "boxes"

Fully run from USB

AMD KVM supported

INTEL Ham Supported

Where we at now?:

at the moment we are at first test.
the test come with pre set stock android 9 x86 and a pre set box (4gb RAM 2 cores)
user is able to one click to run the emulator. (first run can take 40ish secs to setup the system on the box)

Project is using android studio SDK (open source)
project is using Android Studio Emulator (open source) Nulled to run portable
project is using Windows CMD to talk and display info from the emulator
project is using SDL2 to control and show Emulator in window (SDL open source)

This is how it look like in action

So first of all we finally Gain Clear view of what we are going to run.
no more unknow secret crypto miners emulator or chromium installers evil emu's

we gain massive speed running on clean stock
Google play is already built in


at this build our emulator is detectable so it will run games that do not block emulators.
games running great with no issues so far.

in the next build we gonna add a pre built rom to let user hide his emulator and allow him to run what ever games he like.

Download + Git:

No git yet. also since this is pre set build we had to put the google system image (900mb)
future updates will let user download the system images from google by user pick.

Botit test: 1)extract
2)HardwareAcceleratedManager silent_install.bat
3)run Bot-It Emu Test 1.bat


Only for Android Republic!
we cannot support this one on discord yet (sorry)

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