Important Buyers Guidelines

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Apr 2, 2014
Are you looking to buy some stuff? Feel free to post what you are looking for; below are a few rules we ask users to follow.

  1. Anything considered illegal is not permitted, if you have any questions about this message me.
  2. Post what you are looking for.
  3. Make sure your thread title isn't misleading.
  4. No sales trashing or spamming.
  5. If an item is sold or bought, tag me to close the thread.
  6. Do not advertise your item on a buyer's topic if it isn't relevant to what they are looking for.
  7. Keep all deals on-site.
  8. Scammers will be banned.
  9. Don't forget to read the forums rules: Important - Forum Rules
  • You are advised to keep screenshots as a record of your conversation. This serves as proof if you get scammed.
  • Android Republic reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior notice.
  • We will not provide a middle man service.
If you have any questions or complaints feel free to message me.

Thank you.

Not open for further replies.