Cheat Doesn't work on my device

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Sep 13, 2020
i dont know how much to fix this problem, I ask to someone sell this ss but he cant gave me solution.
can i request reffund?


Mar 9, 2020
You did paid from a reseller? And are you talking about the VIP Mod?
As if you want to discuss about VIP's stuff or VIP Related. Talking VIP's in Public isn't that much allowed as it will remain private talk.

As h3yf00l's question , Who did you buy the mod from?

If you did paid from a reseller make sure to talk to them in private and they should be supporting you from your problem

Except if you paid from a Non Trusted User or Not related in AR Official Resellers then you can be scammed. Many users getting scammed from buying mods from non resellers or not trusted members.

Please be aware from that as if you get scammed we have nothing to do about it