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May 14, 2015

Root Needed?: No

1.) High damage
2.) High defense

Playstore Link: Link is Broken

Behold Chibi 3 Kingdoms, a brand new Mobile-Action RPG set in the era of The Three Kingdoms!
Conquer your enemies and unite all China with the help of generals you admire the most! Team up with your friends win big in the action RPG of the year!

• Strategy On Demand •
Plot and scheme! Attack or defend? Victory or defeat? The fate of all China remains in your hands!

• In the Heat of War •
No time to rest! Defend your kingdom from opponent guilds! Get ready to feel the heat of the never-ending war!

• Recruit Generals •
Relive the magnificent history of Three Kingdoms. Recruit your favorite and most powerful legendary generals! Plan ahead and find your best combo!

• Upgrade Armies •
Recruit and upgrade your troops! Infantries, bowmen and cavalries are in your service! Dominate the land!

•Features and Events•
Over hundreds of features and events are ready to entertain you! Don’t miss every single chance to grow even faster, even stronger, and take down your enemies!

Gear up, march on and claim your victory!

- Game mod is always up to date
- To login with google you must be rooted

Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases?
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