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Name: Contract Killer: Sniper
Version: 6.1.1
Root: No
File Size: 14.3/184.4 mb


- God Mode
- 1 hit kill for human
- 2 hits kill for robots (1 for shield and 1 for health)
- No Shooting Recoil
- No Zoom Recoil
- No Overheat
- No Reload
- Unlimited Ammo

Install Steps:

1) Download the apk and the obb file.
2) Install the apk.
Copy and paste the obb file inside to android/obb/com.glu.contractkiller3.

Note: if there is no such as folder: com.glu.contractkiller3, you can create it manually or launch the apk one time for it to create it automatically.

Credits: Stelau4 . Hiyall360 for having given me support and assistance for my first mod.

Apk Playstore link: Contract Killer: Sniper
Download Apk:
contractkiller3v6.1.1 modded by thebig.apk
Download Obb:

Alternatives links

Download Apk: contractkiller3v6.1.1 modded by thebig.apk
Download Obb:
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Holy crap, all of the features actually work! Every previous mod of this game I've found only has unlimited ammo working even though they list all these other features that never work....

Well freakin' done man! THANK YOU!
Finaly :ghost: (y) well done boy @thebig1825

Bro, I try new google account and installed this game. After installed and uninstalled the game again.
After that installed the apk link (as per attached by you - apk and obb file) .
Run the game but seen like didn't happen anythins as per you declared . Please advice.

Thanks & Regards,
Is it possible to make it so the drone can one hit shields as well? If they could then i could pretty much just afk any of the mech missions as well :)
All i get is unlimited ammo. No god or 1 shot kills. What did i do wrong? Copied and pasted modded obb to android/obb/com.contract killer as instructed.
Just an update.. Works great. Think when I 1st downloaded obb, had to pause. Maybe lost something when resumed. I uninstalled everything and re-downloaded apk and obb. Works great now. Thx @thebig1825! Great job bro!
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