CSR 2 - 2.6.2 NSB/SCB Modding Tutorial


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Apr 11, 2019
    1) Have CSR2 2.6.2 opened, purchase stock cars avaliable from 2.5.4 in the store, only purchase the amount of 2.6.0 cars that you will add. Put these cars into a seperate garage by themselves. Go back to another
    garage with a car that is avaliable in 2.5.4. select it and make sure you have no other 2.6.0 cars in your garage with that 2.5.4 car you selected.

    2) Close game, take 2.6.0 nsb and scb, unpack the nsb and scb (if modding cash/gold/keys) and open in notepad ++
    3) In your nsb change the
    "prvr": "2.6.0",
    "prvr": "2.5.4",

    4) Ctrl + F for cscu you will then find 2 different things under that search, change the one that has cscu and then mscu under it, should
    look something like the follwing:
    "cscu": 14,
    "mscu": 14,
    5) Make sure that the cscu and the mscu match the cars unid of the one that you were just looking and make sure it is a 2.5.4 car that is seperate from the 2.6 cars
    6) To add a 2.6.0 car do the following (If adding 2.5.4, proceed normally, skip this), Ctrl + F for the stock car you just purchased, once found, copy the 2.6.0 cars values from
    down to the closing bracket: ),
    Do NOT change the unid of the previous car to the new car, this will ensure the car does not move place in the garage resulting in a black screen
    7) Once you have done this for all the cars you desire, you have modded your cash/gold/keys you will also need to add the stage 6 parts to the vehicle(s) you have added or they will disappear when
    going back to 2.6.0 to play. Do the following:
    Ctrl + F and search "cues": make the bracket open so it will look like the following:
    "cues": [
    In here, it's as simple as copy pasting the contents of the text document representivie of your car(s) you have added from the Stage6Parts folder, if you have added all new 2.6 cars then simply
    open the document named "ALL" and paste

    😎 Ctrl + S or save the NSB and SCB, only repack the SCB if you modified it for cash/gold/keys. If you get a Json error, you have a formatting issue, DO NOT proceed, ctrl+z your steps, save and
    repack and see if it throws a json error again, if not, you know what the cause is, possibly a missing comma, extra comma, bracket, etc. Fix it then proceed.
    9) Go to your 2.5.4 device, put the modified nsb and scb into your documents folder, copy the nsb.txt.sav into your pp > numbered profile > delete old nsb and replace with nsb.txt.sav but rename to nsb
    Go back to your PP folder > make a folder named temp > paste modified nsb into here, make sure to have it named nsb

    10) Launch your game, wait for it to show the profile synchronization message, go back to your file manager, copy the modified nsb and scb into recoveredpp > numbered profile > delete old nsb and scb
    then paste the new nsb and scb but make sure to rename them so they both read "nsb" and "scb" without quotes, obviously

  • 11) Press Ok and wait for it to load back in, can take upto 30 seconds or more dependent on your devices hardware capabilities. You should now be looking at the car you were on 2.6, go to customisation
    and change the license plate to something random and pay for it to force a save, do this 1-2 times to make sure. Now close the game completely and launch back into 2.6 like normal. You should get the
    profile synchronization message, press ok and enjoy your new modified profile.

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Aug 13, 2019
And I've never been faced with recoveredpp on Android.


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Apr 11, 2019
Lmao I really don’t wanna jailbreak my phone tho cause I have a Apple Watch but it won’t pair due to the firmware. But I’m just chilling on iOS 12.1 undecided lol
Meh just do it then unjailbreak which is as simple as turning your phone off then back on.


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Aug 8, 2019
So this method does strip the Stage 6s on new cars added in 2.6.x
The only way around it is adding to rhe Cues section, so then add back in the game.