CSR2 Modding Tutorial - Get Any Car You Want Maxed Out!


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Apr 11, 2019
Hi everyone,
Here is an in-depth video tutorial I've just uploaded on how to mod CSR2 Save game files to get any car you want, max upgraded and completely free.
Video Tutorial (Youtube)

This video and text tutorial was designed for IOS. You can do the same but navigate to this folder instead:
Android > data > com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2 > files

1) Have a file exploring capabilities on your Android device
2) Navigate to: Android > data > com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2 > files
3) Copy the file from within CSR2's files > pp > *random number* > nsb & scb (copy) > go back to files, paste and rename to nsb.test and scb.test
4) move them to pc
5) Move nsb.test into CSRPacker and open cmd in the CSRPacker directory and execute the command CSRPacker.exe unpack -p -i nsb (CSRPacker, link in Youtube video description)
6) Open the .txt file, find "caow" then the bracket beneath it, press enter so there's now a gap between caow and the first car in the list
7) Open NSBMAXED (Included in CSRPacker, link in Youtube video description) and find the car you want
8)) Copy from the opening bracket of the cars info to the closing bracket that looks like }, and paste that below caow
9) Once done adding what cars you want, save the document.
10) Execute the command in cmd within CSRPackers directory CSRPacker.exe pack -m -i nsb.txt
11) Copy nsb.text.sav back to the main directory in CSR2 in your file exploration program of choice
12) Copy nsb.text.sav from the main directory of CSR2 into > pp > profile number > paste > delete both nsb and scb and rename nsb.text.sav to nsb
13) Go back one folder and create a folder called exactly " temp " and paste the nsb in there too
14) Launch the game and wait for the dialogue box to pop up saying your profile has changed and will be returned or whatever
15) Go back into Filza and go to the root directory of CSR2 and go into the recoveredpp > numbers folder > paste modified nsb from computer in there, delete nsb in there and rename the one you pasted to nsb
16) Go back into the root folder of CSR2 again and copy scb.test and go back into the profile in recoveredpp and paste scb.test in there, delete the scb already in there and then rename the one you just pasted to just scb
17) Go to the game now and press ok, wait for it to load (can take time) and enjoy your new cars you gave yourself which will be located in the inventory garage view

Thanks for reading/viewing my first tutorial here. Youtube video is easier to explain.


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Jan 30, 2019
Accordingly the video walkthrough i did the very same, added cars i liked and it's working. I like it, of course it wants to do something more than just clickie on something, but it works. So tx a lot!