Outdated Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War v2.85 [MOD]


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Name: Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
Version: 2.85
Root: No

Mod features:
Free exchange with merchants;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
Free crafting in the character menu (clicking on the Where to find? Button will craft an item);
Free construction and improvement of buildings;
Maximum level - unlocks all crafting recipes;
Mobs don't attack;
Mobs stand still;
Immortality (with the restoration of health);
High damage.
For the mod to work correctly, go through the tutorial without the included mod menu options.
You use the mod at your own peril and risk - you may be blocked for using it!

If you were previously banned for using the mod and want to play, clear the game data (or delete the game and reinstall it).

Install Steps:

Credits: ?
Playstore Link: Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War - Apps on Google Play

Download Link: MOD APK
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UPDATE: after some tests i think i found a fix for insta ban.

What you need:
-Root to access game folder
- some file explorer app (i use ES file explorer)
- any mod will work (signed and unsigned)

In game, start new game till you have the character menu, exit game.
In file explorer app go to data/data/com.survival.last/ and inside delete lib folder
In file explorer app go to data/app/com.survival.last-xxxxxxx(x its random for anyone) and inside /lib/arm/ you will have a file name libanticheat.so, edit this file with properties and change permitions to unselect all 3 executable permitions and select all 3 read permissions.

Tested on phone with android 9, 5 hours and 5 restarts and no ban so far, dont know how long it last before ban but so far so good.
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