Outdated DC Legends Fight Superheroes v.1.27.19 [dmg, god mode]


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Name: DC Legends Fight Superheroes
Version: 1.27.19
Root: Yes (w/ LP) / No

1.) instant kill on revenge of an attack
2.) god mode

1.) non-rooted signed mod can't login with google, you're on guest device account
2.) rooted unsigned mod will need LP trick.
3.) NO support for GG or memory editing tool, you need to uninstall them first before play mod. PM me a crash log if mod only shows black or white screen: Approved - How-to tutorial videos
4) some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated. wait for the ads to finish, click close button on top right corner. If you're VIP members using this mod, send me PM and I'll supply the non-ADS mod for you.

Install Steps:
0.) uninstall any existing game, just to be safe
1.) install and play

Credits: EMT
Playstore: Google Playstore
Original: apkpure

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Can I please fix this, all hero's ranking shows negative values


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no, not gonna fix it..sorry...maybe on next release.
it's just visual, no impact to your ability to fight whatsoever
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Name: DC Comics Legends
Version: 1.10
Root: Yes (w/ LP) / No

1.) god mode
2.) boosted dmg

EMT proudly presents you the best DC Comics super hero for another super fights in your game play. Go nuts and play the mod, be proud with your heroes, the mods made your heroes super strength like they never before :tearsofjoy:

1.) enable mods when MUSIC OFF
2.) non-rooted signed mod can't login with google, you're on guest device account
3.) rooted unsigned mod will need LP trick. newbie will need to install original PS version and follow below link BEFORE you try to play mod

Install Steps:
1.) install and play

Need to login to Google+ or FB? Check sticky on this: Important - How to login with Google+ & Facebook on Modded Games (Root)

Credits To: EMT
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
Original APK: apkpure
Like EMT: facebook || youtube
Download guest device: modded apk
Download rooted w/ LP: modded apk
Updated to 1.11, enjoy
oh..gosh...i just tested this few minutes before upload and now they get .1 ?
what bugs they introduced nuw? lol
you guys gotta wait another few hours, need to redo things again
@BTG They messed up in 1.11 update. There was horrible lag while playing the game. The loading times were atrocious. The 1.11.1 update fixes the lag issue. Nothing major. I just now tested by updating.
yea, i saw the lag. i thought it was my internet lmao.
so horrible, took few minutes to load the game.
you'd think they test before they release things :tearsofjoy:
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