Outdated Devil Breaker 1.12.1 ( God,DMG )

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Name of game : Devil Breaker

Version: 1.12.1

Root needed? : No
Play Store : Devil Breaker - Android Apps on Google Play
Original apk :Devil Breaker

Mod Features :

1- God Mod ( Enemies Don't Attack )
2- Massive Damage

- Download the PS version and Complete tutorial

- Do the obb trick
- Install the mod
- Enjoy
This game needs Obb file get it from PS version as stated in instructions

Mod link :


The apk provided is signed , to get unsigned apk and login with google account follow instruction in link below :

How to login with Google+ on unsigned modded Android games (Root)

- Using this mod you have to bear the chance of getting banned ... you have been warned...!!
Credits : Icry4u - TeamEMT -
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For rooted, is it necessary or is it to save data?
If it is necessary, I'll have to check an emulator then.
OMG. Can't believe mod of this game is released. Please update. Can't wait to play. Thank you so much.
Can u add obb file or data file please.
Data download too slow :((.
75MB with speed 30kb/s
Can u add obb file or data file please.
Data download too slow :((.
75MB with speed 30kb/s
Imagine my upload speed 2 / 3 kb /s

but no worries i'll have someone from the team to upload and post here
Thanks. And I have an issue with your mod.
I dont know why but when a hero stand on enemy's skill range, I will control enemy.
Mean: enemy can't move, but if it can cast skill(like camp with summon skill, or every enemy if have hero in range, we will control it, but only visual,cant use skill or pass.
(Sorry for my poor English, i will upload an image)


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oh my goddddddddd
you have no idea how long that I wait for this game. Thank you so much

btw, Is it possible for non root ?
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