Giveaway Discord Contest - What is a modder thinking ?

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Mar 11, 2016
Here we are with another Discord Contest!
This time around you will have to respond to a simple question, what is a modder thinking ?

How to reply ? It's very simple . . . just try to think about what we are thinking, you are allowed to use your immagination too ;) Let us know your wildest thoughts !!!
The contest will take place on our Discord Server and I have set up a channel for it! You will have to use that to reply AND you can also add reactions to other users replies.
There is a limit of 1 reply per user!

Reactions allowed/suggested - avoid spamming other reactions
Nice - Not Nice - Love - Funny - Shocked - Sh*t


How to enter the special channel? How to join our Discord Server ?
If you already a member simply check the available channels and you'll see it ;)
If you are new to Discord Click on the BIG DISCORD image at the bottom :D

What Will The Winners Win ? How many Winners ?
There will be up to 3 winners and the prizes are some custom roles on our Discord Server.

First Place - 1 month FREE VIP + Lucky Star Role
Second Place - 1 month FREE VIP + Shining Star Role
Third Place - 1 month FREE VIP + Little Star Role

Contest Duration:
April 21th 2019

What are you waiting for ... WHAT IS A MODDER THINKING ?

Click the image below to join
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