Outdated Divine Paradise Mod (Dragon Nest Awake English Version)

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Game Version : 1.0.0
Root: Yes/No
Playstore : Not yet available on playstore.
Facebook: Divine Paradise - DN Awake

Game Description :
No Description

What's modded :
1. Life x2.
2. Physical Damage x3.
3. Magical Damage x3.

What's modded v2:
1. Life x2.
2. Physical Damage x5.
3. Magical Damage x5.

Original APK:


Modded APK:


How to install:
1. Uninstall Original APK.
2. Install Modded APK.
3. Enjoy.

Credits : GAHAHAHA - JMT

Download: DP_Official_version_1.0.0_Mod.apk - 623.5 MB

Download v2:
DP_Official_version_1.0.0_Modv2.apk - 623.5 MB

1. I am not responsible if you get ban from using this mod.
2. This game is their first release so there are problems like freezing of screen, lag, etc.
3. The Life x2 is working In Solo Main Task, Abyss and Arena. (So far this three area are tested)
4. The Physical and Magical x3 works only in Solo Main Task(Abyss and Arena already tested)
5. Visit their FB page for announcements.

1. Like/Comment on this thread.
2. Donate/Buy VIP to AR.
3. Share to your friends, families and others our site.

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Thanks for the mod kaso malag pa sa android to nag ffreeze sayang :(
ay lol pinoy modder pala. lodi. haha. wala sa playstore ng pinas pa nyan. eto baka gusto mo e try e mod. Request - Musuo glory mod
Natignan ko na ata yan boss. Sa ngayon DLL pa lang na walang protection o kaya normal na protection ang kaya ko eh. LUA ata yan. Next time, pag marunog na ko :)

Thanks for the mod kaso malag pa sa android to nag ffreeze sayang :(
Totally freeze ba sa inyo? Sa akin kasi magfreeze siya pero babalik naman.
No Sir. It is a dungeon base. It's originally a pc game.[/QUOTE]
Ahh I see. Thank you sir. Maybe gonna try it later:)
too many ads in download link.i used autoclicker for the ads still cant find the real download link.r u greedy on money bro?
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Doesent feel like x3 x3. I nesrly died on 1st stage after tutorial? Maybe add more defense?
I don't know Sir. I only have a 2gb RAM and dual core pc so I'm not testing it thru emulator but my own cp. Give it a try :) I see a post in their FB page that they recommend a yeshen emulator. Visit this link. Divine Paradise - DN Awake

No Sir. It is a dungeon base. It's originally a pc game.
gusto ko rin maging modder pero wala ako knowledge. paturo next time pag may pc na rin ako thanks.
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