Do we need to use VPN for safe? Better to have it or no? Need explanation please.

No you don't need to use any vpn to prevent detections.
But if you want to use one then you can
It may can sometimes end up for 3rd party apps but seems not all vpn happens the same.

Im playing cod and used a vpn called
Its a bit better if you have problems with your internet connection , wifi.

If you want to use cheats in games such as Online games like Cod.
Just playing safe and smart is the way.

If you use outdated mods and other free mods in other website which is not guaranteed and trusted.
You can end up from bans
It is necessary or not necessary to ensure their cybersecurity. Everyone decides on their own. By the way, to be invisible on the web, there are not only On MON. I recently learned about proxies, and now I want to try working with them.
Companies use VPNs to give employees access to corporate resources without worrying that traffic will be intercepted or tampered with by the provider. If he gets the usage history, it will only show that you are connected to the VPN. You can't find out anything about traffic. Therefore, VPN is more of a corporate necessity. And to ensure personal cybersecurity, a 4g mobile proxy is preferable. They are much more user-friendly and do not load your device's memory.
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