Exclusive (EN) BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! v3.6.5 [Perfect]

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Mar 29, 2018
Just an advice so all of us can still play this mod in the future. BE CAREFUL ON USING 100% AP MOD. DONT USE IT CARELESSLY ON ANYLIVE. ALSO JUST USE 95% MOD MOST OF THE TIME.
There is another bang dream mod that is probably the root of the problem, the other mod lets you have a higher score than normal, pls dont use that since it will be noticeable. 2 players were banned last event due to higher than possible score by possibly using 100% AP or by using the other mod which can make your score higher than normal so we all need to be very careful


Sep 13, 2018
Seeing my friends and brother who also play bandori but without mods, most of the time their play result can be better than 90% mods.
But If I'm not mistaken, there are another mods that generate score. So it might point to that mod?

I mean if your team weak, it doesn't matter when you play with low skill lv, low stat character but perfect combo right? Haha


New User
Jun 4, 2020
Hello, i already saw that its possible to create a 95% perfect mode and a bonus base score mod menu, but they are separate mods, is it possible for you to take the bonus base score mod's files and add it to the 95% perfect mod? If you want i can give you a link to where the bonus base score mod is so you can download the files or something like that and maybe make an only mod? I'd be really thankful.


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Jun 25, 2020
Hello admin, is there also has apk for scoremod like if you play solo live you can get 2 million scores or like that? Thanks.