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Aug 19, 2016


Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g

Google Store Link

The best way to have (Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g) passes and gems! But be warned though, if you already installed the latest play store version on your phone, it might not work in some devices.
However...There are other ways of going about this. I would highly recommend doing this process on an android emulator (you can use Bluestacks/NOX/Andyroid.. Etc) and would also highly recommend that the android emulator is rooted, if you can't tell if it's rooted or not, download Rootchecker on your android emulator.

((Download Root Checker)) Remove any ADS Blocker to be able to download the file: https://dailyuploads.net/mrjwykgfe5sh

Follow these steps below:

1. Download Lucky Patcher ((My Patched version)) Remove any ADS Blocker to be able to download the file

2. Download my older patched apk of ((Episode v.460021)) Remove any ADS Blocker to be able to download the file

3. Download the latest version of ((Episode - Choose Your Story VER. 7.01.0+g)) ********Make sure that this is the latest version before you download it by visiting it from Google Play Store, and if this version looked outdated please don't start the procedures/steps and message me(PM) that it is outdated!********
Episode Latest version download - VER. 7.01.0+g *Remove any ADS Blocker to be able to download the file

4. After downloading the files listed , install Lucky patcher

5. After Lucky Patcher is installed, Install the older patched version of episode, don't open it yet.

6. Open Lucky Patcher--->Click on Episode--->click open menu of patches---->click "support patch for in-app and lvl emulation"---> click apply---> wait for it to finish patching--->Click Launch. (or you can click ok, close Lucky Patcher and open episode the regular way)

*After that and when opening the older version of the patched app! and nothing worked like asked for an update or it shows you that you have error in purchase
use these steps below***
***uninstall the pc/laptop android emulator and then show hidden and hidden system files and go to search box on drive (C:) search for the emulator name you have installed like (Bluestacks.Nox.Leapdroid...etc) then SHIFT+DELETE the results of your search that is related with that name search of the emulator name.. then install it again and follow these steps again and carefully.

7. "Purchase" how many gems or passes you want.

How to use Lucky Patcher to patch this game/app in video tutorial:

8. After you're satisfied with how much passes and gems you want, close the Game/App and before uninstalling the older version of the Episode, You could screen shot the username and password
shown in the first image, or you can restore/export username and password using file explorers to add it at any directory you desire as it shown in the second photo
then uninstall it or install the newer version of Episode over the older patched version



9. click/tap the newer version and open it, and it should have the amount you have "purchased" on the older version. Click on home then Go to settings



10. Then go to account and sign-in/sign-up using your google play account, (i'm already signed-in so it shows (Log-out)


11. Open your Phone/Emulator and open the latest version of episode installed on your phone/emulator..
Sign-in/log-in using the same google account you logged in on the previous emulator,

12. Go to (Restore from another device)


13. It will ask you for the username and password
make sure you don't mess or forget or mistype any letter, and there are capital letters that must be considered as well only if you didn't export the user info as text...
14. Enter the user info and then OK/Accept.. sometimes it takes a while you have to wait a little bit, that is all

15. when it succeeded syncing it will show you this


*REMEMBER: When you sync/restore to the other device the game/app progress+(bought gems+passes/tickets) of episode! it must be on the latest version after installing the newer version over the older version from the first pc/laptop in the emulator...
meaning the sync process must have both game/app of episode updated to the latest version
on both devices 1. Emulator 2. The-synced-to Device

I hope it works for you as did to some friends

Preview from the synced-to device:


Credit: ME & sassy95


when i install the updated episode it says episode has stopped. what should i do?