Outdated Fallout Shelter Save Editor App For Android (no file copying, encrypting/decrypting) UNLIMITED

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Jun 30, 2016

Game name: Fallout Shelter
Current version is 1.5. for Fallout Shelter 1.7.1
No root required

This app is an Android only editor for Fallout Shelter.
It works in BlueStacks and it does not require root.
But the most important thing: it does NOT require any technical skills:
  • No computer required for the editing process, everything works on your device.
  • Vault encrypting and decrypting not required.
  • No JSON editing required.

What can you edit?
At the moment you can edit the following, but as it is a work in progress, so Dev will add other features.
  • Remove all rocks
  • Edit caps, energy, food, water, stimpack and radaway amount
  • Edit the number of the Vault
  • Edit lunchboxes (remove, add simple, MrHandy boxes and Pet Carriers)
  • Edit the vault storage (edit stored weapons outfits and pets)
  • Edit dwellers:
    • Names
    • Levels
    • S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
    • Hair, skin and outfit color
    • Hair style and facemask
    • Dweller inventory
    • Instantly return them to the Vault from explorations
  • Add legendary and rare dwellers to your vault
  • Add custom dwellers to your vault
  • Copy dwellers
  • Add items (weapons and outfits) to your vault's storage
  • Complete objectives
  • Edit pets (name, bonus effect, effect value)
  • Edit the "Survival Guide" (unlock legendary dwellers, weapons and outfits)
  • Fix time glitched vaults

How to use?
Install the APK, then start the application. Select the vault you would like to edit. Edit the things then save the vault. That's it. :biggrin:

Before you start editing make sure to close Fallout Shelter completely!
NOTE: You can go into menus by tapping the buttons and you can go back by tapping the BACK button of your device.

Download Save Editor Here
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Y Que 903

New User
Mar 9, 2016
Great stuff!!! Works like a charm. I wish we could see more stuff like this in other games!


New User
Sep 15, 2015
Thank you very much. its so fun. coz I lost my save game before and i can customize. cool. Thanks again


New User
Aug 25, 2016
work perfectly, thank you.
but the resources conflicted if you have modded apk that increses resources.


New User
May 23, 2016
I cant believe someone actually made save editor or ige's for android games.
Such a technology advancement and such a brilliant brain.
I will doenload the game just to use this apk; you are actually helping the devs.
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New User
Aug 25, 2016
Have you tried lowering the resources from the editor to see if that'll work?!
I try lowering and raising, error message occur on the spot. cant even save the editor.
I am using modded AP, probably thats messes the resources.
btw please make this kinda of editor for more game. :)
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