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So I have been using a macro and leveling up my trophies, my limits and leveling up my TMR. I almost think the makers of this game wants us to have no life to take it away from family and friends. Its addicting, but I digress.

So first thank you to the developers for helping the grind out. I can spend time with family again. Secondly, I see there are some online programs out there promising unlimited lapis and gil, but after trying them and getting to the stupid surveys and/or downloading the game to prove your real, nothing happened and it seemed to be all bs. The only program that can do that would be from the developers on this site and im not sure if they can or had the time yet to even venture into it. With this game, I don't know what's on the server side and what's not.

Yes I still love the challenge but come on.

This is some of my wish lists

$ force drop rare awakening crystals (holy and sac crystals, etc..)
$ be able to put a hold on NGR from decreasing. so at least time will not be the issue anymore for those that just want to play the game and not spend all day on this.
$ be able to put a hold on lapis decreasing or at least find a program to increase them. I know i used to use SB GAME HACKER to pin point the code and change it but server games have gotten smart. Haven't tried it, anyone who can try it, let me know if it works.

I also tried setting the time on my phone up some hours even days and seems to work but doesn't when it verifies with the server.

Thanks for listening

Rich Carlucci Out.....
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