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Mar 20, 2014

Please observe the following rules/guidelines as a member here:

General Conduct:

  • Please treat other members with respect. These forums were put together for Android gamers and game cheaters to come together and help each other, collaborate and discuss in a positive way. Not bash and argue over petty squabbles. If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything!
  • We encourage mature debates - discourage childish arguments.
  • Spam 1/2: Please don't make pointless rude/non constructive replies. "mod doesn't work","works! +1\" etc. Please be descriptive on this point if you are going to voice something.
  • Spam 2/2: Tagging a user in chat or a post with "sent you a message" or anything similar to this is considered alert spam. The user already recieved an already there is no need to keep sending him more alerts about it.
  • Incorrect grammar: Do not take it upon yourself to play Grammar Nazi. If someone's post is literally so bad you cannot understand it, Report the post, and the Forum Staff will handle the situation. Do not nitpick and ruin threads just to show how high-n-mighty-like you can be.
  • Arguments: If staff asks you to end an argument, debate or any sort of dramatic agenda - please do as asked.
  • MINI-MODDING: It is sad I have to go over this. We have staff to clean up the site. DO NOT take it upon yourself to post a reply on a thread and act as staff. EG "fix link before this thread will be deleted" "no spam post noob" etc. Doing this may result in a ban.
  • Strong language: This tends to be over abused. please keep your unprofessional words to yourself.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Creating Multiple or New Accounts: We allow multiple accounts for the purpose of additional VIP accounts only, anything else will be deleted/banned.
  • Language - All Languages are welcomed.
  • Bumping Threads: What is bumping a thread? Let's say there is a thread in the request section that no one has replied to in three weeks. You post in it to revive it. That is bumping a thread. Another example: You made a request. No one has responded to it and it fell off the first page. Responding to it for the sole purpose to bring it back to the top is "bumping the thread". Not allowed.
  • Advertising/Promoting: Not allowed, don't even try to be discreet about it.
  • Donation links: Not allowed, keep it on your site.
  • Double Posting: Not allowed, please be patient for a reply. Instead of double posting edit your first post and add whatever you forgot to add.
  • Extraneous Topics: Be aware of the section you are posting in, and make sure your thread is relevant to the particular section.
  • Proxy: If you're using one you've obviously got something to hide, which is something we don't accept.
  • Links on first post to your own site: If it's a competing website, not okay. If it's say.. a blog entry you're referring to, giving credits to another site for the mod/cheat, then it is acceptable. Bottom line - Don't come here to pimp your site, come here to be a member.
  • Links to your own site, in general: If it's a competing website/blog or a website where you intend to make some money off using our member base don't bother posting it. Linking when referencing something relevant and stuff is fine too. Just be a contributing member, not a spammer.
  • Do not post the following, or links to (including but not limited to): Porn, Drugs, Hate, Terrorism, sexism, or anything else you imagine should be listed here. People can do what they want elsewhere, but we're not looking to provide direction to these things.
  • Charging individuals for hacks, modded games, accounts and so on: This is pretty clear-cut. If you really want to use cash as a deterrent, do not even think of registering here.
  • Misuse of Forum Chatbox: I can't go very in-detail about this, but there are a set of rules you will have to follow when using it. You can read them here. Failure to abide them will result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban from the shoutbox.
  • Requesting Hacks: We have a section just for this, you can follow the template to request for a game you would like to see modded. As mentioned above in the chat rules, please do NOT use the forum chatbox in the main page to request for a mod. Spamming there about your request will just get you kicked from the room.
  • Asking for VIP hacks: This is strictly forbidden in the forum. If we find anyone who even attempts to ask or offer to buy a VIP mod from another VIP member, we will ban them immediately without hearing what he/she has to say.
Infraction System: There is an infraction system in place to help us keep this place clean. I don't want to go into too many details - but just know it is there. This system is used to help mods keep track of what they as a team are doing, and serve as a history for user behavior. In regards to all of this.. Moderators will handle situations at their discretion using guidelines given to them in the moderator forum as a starting point. If you have a problem with a member or a post here, report it. Our moderation team will see to it. If you have a problem with another moderator's actions or how they handle a situation, feel free to PM or email another staff member.

Regarding User CP

  • Username Changes: We will take username change requests on a case-by-case basis. We may or may not allow it - depending. If you choose to request it - please make sure you know what you want. If you would like your username changed, PM h3yf00l.
  • Avatar/Profile Pictures: These should be appropriate for a family oriented web site. We may be walking the line of family oriented, but children tend to hone in on pictures and we need to be mindful of that. Images containing profanity or overt sexuality are not appropriate for this site.

Each section has it's own posting guidelines, it is suggested to read all of them before posting. Those threads which do not follow the respective guidelines shall be deleted without prior notice. Please use the "Search" option before creating any new thread, and post it in the correct section. If there is already a thread with your topic, please add your post or insight in that thread without making a new one. Redundancy isn't tolerated here. Please keep our forum clean and organized.

Use only known websites to upload and post anything, such as MediaFire, Zippyshare, Dropbox, Userscloud, etc. Please refrain from uploading and posting hacks on download hosts which have ridiculous download queues, speed limits, download limits, surveys, too many ads or those which require you to obtain a paid membership in order to use their services. NO REDIRECT LINKS (such as, and etc.) are allowed. Only post direct links, unshortened.

The templates for requests and releases can be found at the top of the designated forum sections in the "STICKY THREADS" area. Copy and paste the code into your thread and fill in the blanks. This is the most common reason for threads to be reported.

All information regarding the VIP subscription our site offers is HERE.

Side note: As you first settle in to the community here you will learn that there are some friendly members and some that are strict to the rules. Don't be scared to ask for help or assistance but before you do, READ and SEARCH. The forums have been around for some time now and you're not the first person to run into the issue. If by some chance you are feel free to ask for help. Common sense will get you through here and it is always good to have new members willing to contribute to the cause.

Last but not least, be smart. People here who create and upload hacks do not work for you. They have their own lives and time schedules.

That being said I hope you enjoy your time here and find what you're looking for.

Forum Rules are subject to change anytime deemed necessary*
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