Exclusive Genki Heroes v.1.0.5 [dmg, dumb enemies,unlimited skills]


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Name: Genki Heroes
Alias: 元気の英雄
Version: 1.0.5
Package: com.jollity.genki
Root: No

1.) dumb monsters
2.) increase dmg
3.) unlimited mana

1.) PVP enemies have increased dmg/mana too, make sure you kill them before they do or use normal apk if wish to play normal in PVP
2.) FB login is annoying in this game, need to enter the login every single time, but that's dev problem

Install Steps:
1.) install mod, let download data, play

Credits To: BTG (EMT)
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
Original APK: apkpure
Like EMT: facebook || youtube

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try original? tutorial is pretty long on this one...i'm loading ok with the game (before I uninstall)
can you explain better details? what kind of bugs are you experiencing?
Yep, there's a bug where every normal stage you will skip the last wave of monsters like e.g there's 3 waves and after the second wave you instantly clear the stage which makes the reward a little lesser. But at the boss stage you will stop at the second wave and at which the last wave is where the boss comes out and having said the third wave will not appear thus this cause us to unable to clear the stage because we need to kill the boss. Strangely we are able to clear normal stage without having clear last wave but the boss stage doesn't allow us to do so. Which i think is what he means
It seems that the mod breaks boss stages,

The first waves of enemies are ok, but when you defeat them the boss will not come out and the game will just keep you in the stage with nothing to do other than exit the game.

can you explain better details? what kind of bugs are you experiencing?

the mod is perfect, the only problem is it breaks boss stages making the boss unable to spawn
@BTG Mod breaks boss stages (as stated in the above comments), would you kindly update it please ?

Thanks mate.
That, unfortunately, part of being dumb for boss....maybe best to play normal to get through that until I can figure out how to make boss not so dumb
Actually the problem is not on the boss. The problem is the mod doesn't go through the stages/dungeons that have more than 2 scenes. When u reach the 2 scene of a stage( even it's not boss stage) you automatically win the stage without clearing the 3 scene. And when you go boss stage it bugs because the mod can't complete the stage without facing the boss
i understood what the problem was...what i was trying to say was: enemy/boss dumb works, it's the game that is heavily scripted that failed it, just as you explained.

on next release, i'll see if i can fix it. in the meantime, please use normal apk.
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