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Apr 26, 2016
Goddess Kiss

GODDESS KISS - Apps on Google Play

Applicable any servers in:
1.) Korea
2.) Global 1

Gold Prices:
1.) 10 million gold = $2
2.) 100 million gold = $10
3.) 1 billion gold = $40
4.) Other amounts contact me

Gold can be added to new accounts or existing accounts. Minimum purchase $10.

Heroes Prices:
1a.) Account level 20s = $20
*) 700 million gold.
*) Up to 3k diamonds added (fresh account; existing accounts the added diamonds will vary).
*) At least chapter 3 fully completed.

1b.) Account level 20s = $40
*) All perks mentioned for #1a
*) 15+ heroes added, mostly 3 stars

2a.) account level 30+ = $200
*) 50+ heroes at 4 stars or higher added.
*) 1.5+ billion gold.
*) Up to chapter 10 fully completed.
*) Tons of resources to upgrade all of those heroes (e.g. affection stage 13 ? no problem).
*) Fresh accounts, up to 5k diamonds (existing accounts the added diamonds will vary)

2b.) Account level 40+ = $300
*) All perks mentioned for #2a.
*) At least 60+ heroes at 5 stars or higher added.
*) All chapters completed.
*) Forgotten Tower Aftermath (last stage) completed.
*) Fresh accounts, up to 10k diamonds (existing accounts the added diamonds will vary).

Note: It takes a few days up to 2 weeks to fill up these accounts. Buyers fully agree to wait for them to be ready. Half payment received prior account being created (or can be applied on existing accounts), final payment to be made when account fully populated.

Prices, account levels, and/or included items are subject to change, you will need to confirm when you order.

If you're interested in purchasing message h3yf00l: HERE


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