Guardian Knights [VIP Mod]

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Sep 3, 2015

1.) X5 Damage
2.) X5 Def

Latest Modded Version: 0.15.011
Playstore Link: Guardian Knights - Apps on Google Play
VIP Download:

only the strongest guardians dominate the battlefield!
- Experience the classic RPG of line tactic system!

Character nurturing system
- Upgrade your characters with evolution, merge, learning new skills, enhancement and character synergic effects.

Cinematic Scenario
- Experience the tremendous scales of a fantasy world with the cinematic scenario.

Battle Arena
- Prove your guardians’ strength on the Battle Arena. Your elite champions need your wise command. Your strategic controls are highly required to win the battles of the Arena

Guild system
- When you join the guild, a new Phase of the game starts. Guild wars, guild title, guild research will provide you countless rewards and totally new entertainment.

- To login with google you must be rooted
- If you're VIP go to VIP Section to download

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Not open for further replies.