Jul 9, 2017
Found this website / forum because I've been playing Lineage2Revolution lately. One of the very few mobile games I actually play / played.

Planning to buy VIP for it but I was just wondering, is the mod for L2R actually working? Was wondering since I've read people have a lot of issues with it in the shoutbox. (Which is weird since there's a warning in bold text saying that mods shouldn't be discussed in the shoutbox.)

Anyway, it would actually help a lot if you had somewhat of a status bar. Like an updated status bar which says which games have working mods.

Right now the only reason I've been holding back from getting VIP is because 1) I don't even know if the mod for the games I want, particularly L2R, is working and 2) Adding to #1, there's no shorter VIP duration. I honestly wish you could purchase a days worth of VIP access just to be able to check. Or a week. Feels like it's too much of a commitment to have $20 for 1 month as the only option.

Anyway, hoping there's more news regarding the L2R mod so that I can become a long time participant in this website / forum.