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HI Members,

I have read all the many game mod Tutorials from this forum it was really very useful and interesting ..

Thanks for posting.....

My question is I have learned how to mod UNITY games

also learned how to mod flash android games

SO far am clear and I tried some other games to mod


Agent Dash
DR Driving
Big Little Farmer

I can't understand where I need to start modification like for the unity in AssemblyCsharp and for Swft.......

they have some file but here in these apps I can see only ogg and image files in the assets folder

please anyone help me out to understand the apk
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i think its in here, I just give you a clue because i have no skill on apk modding.
Try Decompiling your Dex To java and use java to look it can sometimes point you in the right direction

i looked at Dr Driving
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