Help me I'm stuck, now what?


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I tried to get more into "advanced hacking" and mess around with the game components so I downloaded the .swf file of a game I desperately seek to hack

(since I believe it is not full server-sided because some hacks work for it but only the most basic ones like 1 hit kill, anyways the name game is Ninja Saga.)

And then I downloaded JPEX Flash Decompiler one of the best out there for managing/editing .swf files. Now I opened the game swf file in the decompiler successfully and now what? i'm stuck, what should I explore and mess with the folders? here is a photo by the way so can somebody guide me through this because I am totally beginner and I have read some guides on the internet but theory is nothing if I can't do the basic practice.

*here is what appears when I open the .swf file in the decompiler, bunch of folders but dunno which are the right thing that I am looking for.

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