Outdated Hexmon Adventure v.1.0.6 [mod mod]

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Name: Hexmon Adventures
Version: 1.0.6
Root: Yes/No

1.) 2x dmg
2.) enemy dmg 0.7x
3.) hexmon storage increased 10x
4.) dodge increased significantly
5.) gold drop randomized -- visual but didn't bother to remove

Install Steps:
1.) extract obb from apkpure, put to /Android/obb/com.ohoo.friday/
2.) install modded apk
3.) play

1.) this works for all areas except live PvP
2.) Korean game but surprisingly everything is in English
3.) i can't run this game in Memu, probably because of its google+ checks. if you get stuck on loading, then try out the original apk first

Need to login to Google+ or FB? Check sticky on this: Important - How to login with Google+ & Facebook on Modded Games (Root)

Credits To: BTG (EMT)
Playstore Link: Link is Broken
Original APK: apkpure
Like EMT: facebook || youtube
Download: UC
well something else better exist cuz i was 1st(with a more than 800 points lead than 2place and more than 1k 3rd place) 1 h before pvp end, and after shows me i finish 2rd place..hahaha..was imposible for someone to win against me cuz we are limited with 12 fights/day..and i check the guys was 2 and 3 rd place,they finish 4 and 5..so that guy with multiaccount(if is the same persone) beat me even he didnt participate previos 5 days in pvp..so conclusions are that guy hack the pvp battles...
Btw i play without this mod cuz i can make him to sinc with my google account..so i think soon i will quit this game,no point to lose time if someone can do something like this...(and i can;t find any button to contact support of the game..lel)
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