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So i've bought AR VIP and been using it for about a week. Im gonna rate my experience so far, from best to worst.

1. Functionality (10/10)
I try few mods, from simple game up to game with high-end anticheat and they all function well without any issue.

2. Security (9/10)
Now this is where AR team really put their hard work on. Security is top-notch. Ban rate is very very low. Their mod is relatively safer than any modding site you find out there. BUT this also have a downside, which i will explain later.

3. Staff Support (8/10)
Of course sometime the staff get salty but its not their fault because they're answering the same f*cking question countless time a day. But ALL of them are really helpfull and will do their best to assist you. Just dont spam, they hate it.

4. Variety of Mods (6,5/10)
Compared to other modding site, AR VIP variety of mod is lacking. If youre a big fan of asia/anime-style games then this section will definitely be 10/10 for you. Otherwise, no. For the same amount of money you can get more variety of games to play with on another site. But its really a personal preference so i cannot put too high or too low score for this section.

5. Mod Feature (4/10)
Their top-of-the-class security have a downside, and thats the feature. If you come here looking for mod that will give you TOTAL DOMINATION over legit player or some BRUTAL FEATURE, then you will be disappointed. Their mod feature has been set to give you only slight advantage to minimize the risk of detection and ban. When in my opinion, getting banned from abusing the mod is totally not the modder's fault, but still the modder wont listen to you if you request even a slight tweak to the feature. They will always said "This feature is enough advantageous, any more will cause ban".
Thank you for your review, I've added 1 day of VIP to your account. @C4talyst
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