Honkai Impact 3 TW ( 崩壊3rd ) [VIP Mod]

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Sep 3, 2015

1.) No Skill Cooldown
2.) Unlimted Mana

Install Steps:
1.) Install and Enjoy.

Latest Modded Version: 3.9.0
Playstore Link: Honkai Impact 3rd TW ( 崩壊3rd )
VIP Download: Honkai Impact 3rd TW ( 崩壊3rd ) - Licensed

New Update - Summer Memories
[Game Description]
Honkai Impact 3rd, feed your anime addiction!
In the near future, a mysterious destructive force known as the Honkai ravages planet earth.
Humans that have been infected by the Honkai turn into mindless [Zombies] who only know destruction, and animals that become infected turn into brutal [Honkai Beasts].
The only ones able to combat the Honkai are girls born with an innate resistance to Honkai Energy with marks known as [Stigmata] appearing on their bodies.
Players will assume the role of Captain of the battleship Hyperion and will command a squad of unique Valkyries, including the white-haired girl of European descent, Kiana, the bento-making sword master, Mei, as well as the ever-quiet and robotic Bronya. As Captains progress, they will meet other characters like the gorgeous Himeko, the fox-eared Yae Sakura, the world's cutest girl, Theresa, the gun kata master, Kallen, as well as the kung-fu practitioner Fu Hua. This diverse group of girls will battle the Honkai together, and fight for all that is beautiful in this world!
Official website: www.tw.bh3.com
Official Facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/bh3tw

New Features in 2.4
——[Summer Memories]
Summertime has arrived! Our Valkyries have prepared their summer gear.
It turns out they're also looking forward to a passionate summer in between fights against the Honkai.
Date the Valkyries to create a special and memorable summer!

——[Shadow Knight]
Despite the passing eons, the martial pugilist is still a force of destruction in the field of battle.
4th generation valkyrie battlesuits online. Access limits to S-rank Shadow Knight removed.
Eclipse Mode activated. The fight for aerial supremacy is on!

——[Luna Kindred]
The petite vampiress left you your first and final covenant with her—a painfully sweet bite that you'll remember for life.
Awaken Teresa's A-rank battlesuit: Luna Kindred.
Will this be an outworldly encounter, or a fate that changes you for an eternity?

——[Gear Updates]
Impressionist [Monet] and the masked bravo [Zorro] have taken up the blades of justice to fight against Honkai.
The brilliance of silver-armed Nuada Airgetlam pales before the resounding Valkyrian chorus of [Starlit Wave] and [Galaxian Chase].
Enjoy the summer heat with the Valkyries in their summer wear!

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- If you're VIP go to VIP Section to download

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