How to connect a mod apk to your GOOGLE Account

This is really an old tutorial , idk if this still works or not
i recommend you to please check this tutorial by @h3yf00l
Today i'll teach you how to connect a mod apk with Google account

1- Download the mod apk to your PC
2- Download the original apk to your PC , You can download it from this website Download APK free online downloader |
3- Once you downloaded it your PC , Install Winrar or 7-Zip
4- Go , Where you download the Mod and Original Apk
5- Than tap the right click on mod apk and Select Open with winrar and a new Pop up appears
6- Open the META-INF file
[Attachment removed from Quotes]
7- Don't close this pop up and open the original apk with winrar too and open the META-INF folder
8- Now you'll see the CERT.RSA file in mod and Original Apk
[Attachment removed from Quotes]
9- Now delete the CERT.RSA from mod apk and drag the CERT.RSA file from Original apk to mod APk and close the pop ups
10- Transfer the mod apk to your andriod device , install it and now you can connect with your Google Account

If you saw the CERT.RSA , CERT.SF & MANIFEST.MF in Mod apk and Original than First delete the CERT.RSA file from Mod Apk than drag the CERT.RSA file from Original apk to Mod apk , If you saw the different files in ORIGINAL Apk tha delete the all files from MOD apk than Select all the files from ORIGINAL apk and drag it to MOD Apk .
i did it but the game does not load .. it freeze at starting of the game
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