How to get server based info from a unity game


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Mar 11, 2020
Hi guys,

I'm leak a lot of content for f2p plays on a lot of game type gacha (Unity games). I make it to prevent f2p players to burn their
I am able to search the assets, and get a lot of information.

But the devs adapt, the content comes out only when the update is done.

So, the next level for me is to know how to get content from based on the server info (banners, new units, date release)
I know someone capable of doing it, he has the method but does not want to give it. Unfortunately, I cannot work properly for the multitude of games that I try to cover. He said " i don't get info from the client data, but in the based server info"

I don't know what he mean, I am not able to understand the concepts, I have searched a lot. That's why i ask for help

Where i need to search, metada ? assets behaviour files, json files ? If someone can help me, i will give him 10-15 euros directly in paypal

Best regards