Is there a way to use old modded apks?

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I just joined clash of Kings because I unlocked and rooted my phone for kings of Avalon.... But as I searched the internet for two days all day I found that game is near impossible to mod.... In the meantime I downloaded clash of Kings because I saw xmodgames had a mod for it and its basically the same game I've been spending a ton of money on... Apparently it was updated a couple weeks ago and I can't seem to find ANY newer or updated hacks... Is there a way to use the older APK and mod? I'm a noob to modding games but I'm determined!! ALL help appreciated.
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Aug 25, 2015
using old modified game packages can at times still work i ussually get away with not updating for a while with age of warring empire and iruna online, though it depends on the patch big games like clash of kings requires you to update your game package to current and stable with each update they put out, clash of kings has a persistant under/black market for people using redeem code exploits to get free gold/saves/bubbles and build time ticks so they are always updating to keep ahead of this, so in a nutshell small games or even big games can some times let you get away with not updating your game package though again some dont, on a other note your not missing much whith the xmod mod for clash of kings if i remember rightly its just a auto collector i cant say if its safe or not nor do i know how it works for example if it embeddes its self in ram to advoid detection ect . i hope this helps but if you were after a yes no answer i would say with clash of kings the answer is no, though i could be wrong as it depends also on the modified game package.