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Apr 2, 2014
Greetings fellow members!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in the previous Christmas contest. This time around we'll be doing something a bit more creative. As many of you may or may not know we have User Title Ladder & Trophy system. If you would like to know more details click the spoiler below or read the thread: HERE

User Title Ladder

How does this work? For every post you make you gain a point, for example:

You have 14 post, you will be placed in the Member title ladder, once you hit 50 post you will move up in the ladder to Active Member. The more post/threads you make the more points you get = moving up in the ladder to the next level. Do be warned, spam/useless post/threads will not count towards this. Anything posted in the Request Section will not count towards post as well.

What do I get from this? You get a title, here's how it looks like:

These are the current user title requirements. More will be added in time, there's a possibility these might change in the future.

i r noob - 0
Member - 10
Active Member - 50
Advance Member - 100
Rooted Member - 500
Need more mods - 1000
Eat, sleep, android - 1500
Known Cheater - 2000
Potential robot - 2500
Was a human - 3000
How did I get here - 4000
More to come.. Maybe?


How does this work? For every certain amount of likes you get or messages you send(depends on trophy requirements) you gain a trophy and points. For example, lets say we want to get the "Seriously Likeable!" trophy. You must get 100 likes on your post/thread to achieve this trophy.

What do I get from this? Personal achievement I suppose,... but these points might become useful in the future :wink:

These are the current trophy requirements. More will be added in time, there's a possibility these might change in the future.

Where you come in is we need your creativity/ideas to come up with new User Title Ladder & Trophies names. Here's a few examples:

User Title Ladder
cant live without AR
I pawn my soul at AR
AR enthusiast
AR celebrity

- One post per user, make it count.
- Nothing sexual/explicit.
- Be creative!!

Winners will be picked on January 20, 2018.

*There may be multiple winners.. depending if I like/use your idea, everyone could be a winner.
*If you have any questions feel free to message me.
*What do I win? A month of VIP.

Thank you everyone for participating and good luck!

Team AR.


License Manager
Staff member
Apr 2, 2014
Unfortunatly, there's a lot of good ones, but a lot of bad ones mixed between the list yall have posted, so I've decided to give out 1 week for each title/trophy I like. For now I will be giving 1 week of VIP to the following:

1 week winners:
@Anzu @InitOtayTUbIG @kazaoi @ple101 @Lamentation @dragonsaiyan @KeiLo @Thunda @Candycorp @Flamo @TheKid @kamiton @BrownChoco

Once I setup these new titles/trophies and I see more I like, I will add 1 extra week for each one that I like.

In total, 3 months of VIP have been given in increments of 1 weeks. Enjoy and thank you everyone for participating. Stay on the look out for our next giveaway which starts this weekend.
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Active Member
Feb 26, 2015
title famous
trophie Created a topic that has more than 50 pages of replies!
title coder
trophie This user is skillful in coding!
cheat/mod of the month
trophie People love your cheats
title bulletin
Has had at least one topic pinned!
title advanced vip
trophie Has supported androidrepublic by purchasing the vip subscription
title advanced cheater
trophie Hacked more than 100 Apps & Games

title winner
won a giveaway on androidrepublic
title vip award
trophie supporting the site by purchase the vip subscription
For the retired contributors/staff of androidrepublic
Merry Christmas
Logged in on androidrepublic on Christmas
giveaway master
Jan 7, 2018
I would suggest new user account to be newbie account and after reaching 10 posts maybe get AR Minions?
50 posts - Junior Members
70 - Senior Members
250 - No life members
500 - Legendary Members
Account more than 3 years create - Veteran Members

Another suggestion, you can choose what title members you want to use


New User
Nov 2, 2015
Just passing by.../Looking for [insert game name] mod... (new members)
Game got updated (confirmed members)
Who need mods? (veteran members, shouldn't be noobs anymore in their game now...)

Lightbearer (helped confused people)

I know how to code (first mod submission)
PR0H4CK3R (high contribution)

Just take my money. (VIP)
Why pay for VIP when you can get it for free? (free VIP)

AR Minions (Mods)
AR God (Admin)

I have a lot of free time (thanked a lot of mod submissions)
I'm really confused (can't figure out how to install the mod despite the instructions)
Hey, I'm a V.I.P (became VIP)
I'm broke (didn't renew VIP)
Sharing is caring (submitted a mod)
May 1, 2016
10 post - Newcomer
100 post count - Avid gamer
500 post count - Master exploiter
1000 post count - AR Troll

50 likes - Admired
200 likes - Loved
500 likes - Intellectual
1000 - Professional Aid


New User
Jan 30, 2016
Hello? - 0
Newbie - 10
Kinda Active - 50
Well, hello there! - 100
Don't I know you? - 250
The usual, please! - 500
Modaholic - 1000
You live here, now - 1500
Honored Cheater - 2000
Suspected alien - 2500
There's a limit - 3000
This is your life, now - 4000
Overkill - 5000
MONSTER - 7500
OVERLORD - 10000
Jun 12, 2016
User Title Ladder :
Addiction Mod
AR Citizens

Trophies :
NET Walker
AR Walker
Addiction Mod
Click Addiction
Dec 15, 2016
Hermes (high post count)

User title ladders
n00b is my name - 0
Underling- 5
Active Member
- 25
Junior member - 50
Advanced Member - 100
Seniore' - 200
Rooted Member - 500
hoarder: 1000
Need more mods- 1000
Daily routine - 1500
I made the server full - 1750
Eat sleep android - 2000
Potential robot - 2500
How did I get here- 2750
The new Yandex-3500
God of posts-6000
My republique-6500
AR Elite member-10000 posts + access to custom titles and Vip member group for a year

Member trophies
Welcome to the family-(if u make one post):2 points
Ain't anonymous; post an avatar)
My fans like me: 50 likes
Trophy hoarder have 100 trophies)
The A class :have 1000 likes in total
Stardom 2000 likes
Public speaker-make 500 posts
AR aniversary- Come online on the day AR was established
Hermes-leader of post counts
Such beauty:leader in likes counts
Hungry for mods:buy VIP for first time)only awarded once
Money in the bank:Buy VIP every month for a whole year
The pathfinder-join the AR support team
Honor roll:Given by AR staff to member I'd member does something special!!!
Not collecting pension; stay with AR for 3 years)
Casino addict:Contest in every VIP contest for a whole year and win each one!
Welcome to the team:Get a staff position
Game all day: Stay on the forum for 24 hours
∆professional H4CKER know how to reverse engineer
Mechanic:know how to Mod every security!!!(xigncode,dxshield,codestage)e.t.c
Men in black: Special award given by staff member for doing something special

Chatter:Always chatting ;)
Nov 17, 2015
i have something for VIP
Example: Silver VIP [1 or 2 to times vip renew] this is just an example
Golden VIP
Diamond VIP
Platinum VIP
every title should have , the specific colour ,for example gold vip should have a shiny golden colour , so on with all titles , i think every VIP member ,would like this titles

Likes: Siera


New User
Jan 12, 2018
User title:
Noob gamer: 0 Post
Above a Noob:20 posts
AR Everyday:50 posts
AR100: 100 posts + 100 post trophy
Modding For breakfast: 250 post
Look At Me Now: 500 post
The Republic Addict: 1000 post
Dark side Modding: 1250 post
AR Hacks for food: 1500 post
Elite AR Member: 2000 post

AR On My Mind
AR Hacks For Thoughts
I'm So Hacked
AR Republican
AR Elite
Known AR Member
AR, Just Do It.
AR All Day, Everyday.
Jun 28, 2017
User titles:
Not a guest anymore: 0 post
Member:5 legit post
Active member: 15 post
Full pledge member:100
Exclusive free member: see some other post by Free exclusive ar modders needs to have 50 post and some time spent on webiste
AR is my life: 300 post and long time spent on website
AR default start page: 500 post and long time spent on website
AR protection squad: 1000 post
Newbie friendly: 20 likes
Iam here for you guys:50 likes
God sent: 150 likes
Iam too popular: 250 likes
I eat likes for breakfast:500 likes
Iam just so fab:1000 likes

AR protection squad
God sent
License guideline reminder
Thread peace maker
AR high priest
AR commando
Jan 6, 2018
User Titles:
- They see me cheatin', they hatin'
- Certified Cheat2Win Player
- Supreme Noob
- Supreme Member
- I am PRO version
- Ain't GOD yet
- Mini Boss

- I'll be a VIP. Only got twenty dollars in my pocket. (Purchased a VIP subscription for the first time.)
Auto-sender (5,000 messages! Autobots, roll out.)
Giant Trophy Builder (5,000 trophies! Ingredients: 1 trophy and 4,999 trophies.)
Am I Kawaii? (5,000 likes! Notice me senpai.)
AR will remain for eternity! (I'm now a 5 year android republican.)
The Chosen One (Winner of a raffle.)
Likes: a1460939949
Dec 22, 2015
Introvert (Joined for a long time but has few posts)
I'm the Eyes on walls ( watching lots of threads )
I'm the Ears on the ground ( quoting replies )
Extrovert (posted a lot, chatted a lot, replied a lot)

God has graced me with his words
(quoted by admins, and other important guys)
Pundit ( always called upon for help )

Lucky Boi
( get's VIP subscription from an event)

Hacker man
( done modding and got approved )

Plunderer ( Winning a VIP raffle despite already being a VIP )


Cheap ( gets almost all of his/her vip subscriptions from events)

Noisy ( keeps on posting / chatting and doing lots of things)

Rich Kid ( spent a lot on AR)
Likes: a1460939949
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