Kings Raid ver-3.34.3 (ModMenu/Itemstats Mod)


Exclusive Modding Team
Sep 2, 2015
Name: Kings Raid
Version: 3.34.3

Features Mod Menu: click back button to enable menu also can move menu
1) LowHp (enemy health low 1hit kill)
2) NoAttack (Enemy do no damage)
3)InstantWin (No enemy on map)
4) No skill CD (Skill use no cooldown)
5) Mana (Don't need mana)
6) x100 stats = CHOOSABLE (All item stats included in this 1) <-- Need to do 1 battle before active Now x10 stats

Features Stats apk:
1) All stats x10
How to gain these by equip item and turn on BGM in sound settings Turn BGM off for normal stats. Please note might have to do 1 battle for mods to activate and de-activate

Notes about mod menu:
1) Must Enable Mod choice before battle
2) To open and close menu hit the Team AR button
3) Also dragable (mean can move anywhere the menu)
4) Please not for instawin turn off LowHp
5) Choosable Stats enter any amount from 0 to 100.......... 0 BEING STATS OFF and 100 being x100 so please note that in mind when you type the amount its x dmg hp and def after enter hit button set stats

Install Steps:
1) Install choosen mod
2) Start game and enjoy

Credits: stelau4 - TeamAR
Stats.apk Link: KingsRaid-ItemStat-TeamARMod.apk
ModMenu LinK: KingsRaid-ModMenu_TeamAR.apk

Q1: Cant Login via google
A1: Need root device
Q2: Facebook login won't work
A2: Need to remove facebook app
Q3: is mod safe in any event or pvp part of game
A3: Has per mod no there is risk of ban DONT ABUSE
Q4: How to avoid ban
A4: Easy play safe and don't abuse has stated in A3


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Nov 18, 2015
@stelau4 i tested mod and it only works in story mode, all other modes doesnt work arena wich is good but rest of pve modes dont work either like stockade, hall of heroes, black gunpowder storage etc etc

can u try to fix it so all modes work bro? ty :p
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Mar 16, 2016
Do you still playing Valiant Force BlackMonster ? I found this game yesterday and playing too. Such nice graphic :D.
There was another game of 433 name: tale of five kingdoms seems very nice, they ended their cls beta test, waiting for open beta. Hope that time we have mod :D.
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Jul 4, 2016
Would it be possible for someone to show a gameplay video of this game since I cannot seem to find one on youtube.
Also, is this game in english?
Mar 11, 2016
The Title Are : English

The Pictures Are : Thai Something

The Description Are : Korean

So ... The Language For This Game Is ?