Outdated Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.8.6 +14 Ultra Mod (Coins and points dont decrease) v1.8.6 [MOD]

Feb 6, 2018

Name: Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.8.6 +14 Ultra Mod (Coins and points dont decrease)
Version: 1.8.6
Root: No

*What news on the update*
– New enemies in Sector 7 - Ashy zombies. Team up with others to survive.
– Power armor can receive damage from enemies. New power armor module - gas burner, used for removing damages from the costume.
– Matching system in raids updated.

1. MAGIC SPLIT - Duplicate items by splitting (Splitting something will just multiply the item that you’re splitting ! Magic split now works with SINGLE ITEMS)
2. Unlimited Gold Coins/Money (Add Coins every time using coins. Your coins will never decrease. They will increase when you spend them instead of decreasing. You can buy anything with the coins no matter how costly it might be: On Map, Shop, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
3. Free Crafting (Craft without required materials)
4. Unlimited Skill Points (Your crafting points increase instead of decreasing when you spend them on blueprints)
5. Free Building and Build Materials (Instant Crafting + Resource Bypass : You can build anything for free)
6. No Building Requirements
7. Free Upgrading (Upgrade without required items)
8. Infinite Max Weapon Durability Mod (Weapons never break)
9. Unlimited Max Armor Durability Mod (Armors never break)
10. Reduce Hunger drop
11. Rapid recovery health and thirst (Drink water or eat = Instant 100% restore thirst, hunger & health)
12. Free Blueprints (No level needed)
13. Unlimited Energy (Buy with gold coins)
14. Infinite Fuel for chopper
15. No Root/Jailbreak & much more

Do not equip and craft the following items because they are still not released in the game yet although you can craft them:
70lv: Kevlar Outfit and S&W Magnum
82lv: Assault Outfit
88lv: The Dragunov (Sniper)
Some other items such as Clan Banner, Radio Tower, Turret, Electronic Lab, Helicopter or Zombie Truck are craftable but it will cause white building screen because they are still not out in the game yet.
Equipping the above items might lead to crashing of your save data and you will lose all your progress.
Save data Mod has been patched by Kefir! developers so you have to use Mod mod apk to create your own save data. Before uninstalling game make sure you create a copy of your save data (Location: sd card/android/data/zombie.survival.craft.z).

Install Steps:
1.) Download mod APK
2.) Install mod APK
5.) Enjoy

Credits: To fanpage
Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=zombie.survival.craft.z&hl=en
Download Link: Last-day-on-earth-mod-1.8.6.apk

Little video to help rooted-player to reset Bunker Alpha every 6 mins about. It works with all the version exited until now.Tell me if doesnt works to you
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Feb 11, 2018
Unfortunately chinese mods are not compatible with emulators, it gives me the "Unable to connect to the server" message. However the mod IT DOES WORK ON PHONES AND TABLETS and YES the coins INCREASE.
Apr 18, 2018
I can load into the game, but it crashes as soon as the google play games thing says choose your account. I don't sign in,but it crashed before I can tap somewhere els to dismisses it. Dose anyone know how to stop this? I hate it so god damm much.

Edit: I finally beat it. I just spammed the screen.
Feb 11, 2018
Just tried the mod but I can't seem to buy EXP boosts, mind telling me how to use this feature properly? ^^
I don't think that's possible because now the EXP boosts are sold for real money and not game coins like in previous versions.
Feb 11, 2018
Yeah I've done that for a long time time now. I was just explaining someone else why it's not possible to buy EXP Boosts no more like before.
Thanks for pointing it out though, it's nice of you sharing useful information that most people don't know of.
Dec 4, 2016
I can't overwrite it with your previous mod.
Is there any way to resume my progress if i have to re-install the game without rooting my phone?