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I am currently making a hacked save file for the newest version of League Of Stickman which is v5.0.1.. This is my first post in this web but I will be posting more hacked save file in the future. Note: Only for rooted devices, savefile by TitaniumBackup, later version of unrooted devices save file will be posted, Stay tune.

What to expect in this hack?
-millions of gold
-millions of gem
-millions of that currency in Arena(don't knos what it's called)
-some strong items with x654456
-millions of all kinds of starstones and that ticket to play elite
-all heroes unlocked with level 100
-all heroes skill is level 100
-zero chapters completed(Im not that hardworking)

Ive been hacking games since im 15 because i am just that lazy on doing grinding. Ive once hacked BattleCats and share its savefile on reddit but it got deleted and banned by the devs. If you guys have any more suggestions on this savefile, please do leave a reply and I will try to add it on future updates.

-The legendary PikachuSenpai

Update 0.01
This is a test to see wether is works or not because it would be a bummer if all my hardwork goes to the dumpster.
-added Billions of Gold
-added Billions of Gems
-added x654455 Dumplings
-All heroes unlocked
-Level 100 Samurai
-Level 100 Hunter
Future updates coming soon. Please recover the save file using TitaniumBackup (rooted devices only). Future unrooted way of save file will coming soon. Im working on it
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I can edit EXP & Items (I mean Any Items in Inventory). For Gold and Diamond, I just use modded apk. But, if you use modded apk, you can't go to arena/event/challenge, because when logging in using GPlayGames, it just tells you "G+ Login Fail". So, I have a trick to overcome that.
By installing PureApk, Loggin in, and just Install modded apk (without uninstalling PureApk)

Ohh... By the way, the savefile located in /data/data/com.dreamsky.DiabloLOL/lol.plist <-- that's the savefile. So maybe, there is no way to do that without root.
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