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Firstly, thank you all for contributing to this forum! The posts by others, the answers I have gotten have really help me make incredible progress into modding games.

I have been professionally programming for 12 years so once I get to a state where I can write code, compile, test I can make make incredible progress. Unlike most aspects of programming, there aren't as many resources for modding games, but this forum has been a shining beacon in that regard.

On to my questions:
I can now access just about every aspect of the games I am modding, Ive quickly learned what is server side checked, vs client side, and can attach just about any methods in the game to the existing gui.

Question 1.) I want to start adding my code in a separate .dll file and including it. This way when the game is patched, all I have to do is include my .dll file and attach the hooks. Using DNSpy, can I just include it in the assemblies, import it, and make sure its in the same .dll folder?

Question 2.) I want to add a new GUI screen to the unity app I am modifying. I would like to add buttons and other GUI elements. Is this possible? Im thinking the gui are prefabs and there is a class which interfaces with it. Im not certain though.

Question 3.) I keep seeing "frameworks" when looking at tools for modding apk's. Are there any .dll frameworks I can use that have neat functionality? What cool things can I utilize a framework to do?

Question 4.) Is there any way to share modded apk's without them being passed around and have every tom, dick, and harry using the mods? I've produced hacks in prior games and if there is something cool they tend to spread out of control until pretty much everyone is doing it.
A1 ) make the dll , add the hooks , add it to the folder , voilà !
A2 ) its possible , even without using Unity 3D Programm
A3 ) no idea
A4 ) don't post the mod and you have all for you ;) | Once its on a site it will be soon reposted by a tom , dick or harry o another website
1. agree with alex just remember it loads your dll into memory so insure position independent, hook into code cave, etc just make sure there's memory available to allocate for it
2. you might be interested in something like unity assets explorer or similar, can do an extract and replace (well extract anyways but sounds like you can figure out the replace)
3. idk if what youre finding is actually "framework-res", required for apktool, or something else, i dont see much in frameworks being returned for modding searches other than that (and believe me i look, I'm working on my own tool so frameworks would be awesome lol)
4 only successful thing I've seen is something like this site does, control of the file via a key of some type. you can make it harder to leech if you're worried about someone passing as their own work, but just using? yeah right if that was possible the music /film industry would be all over it
help me to mod radar of critical ops using .net reflector.
its a look harder then subway surfers and similar games, please just guide me on this and i will be master in this game too, thanks in advance
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